“The human brain is plastic, i.e. it can show structural changes in response to the altered environment. Physical activity is a lifestyle factor which has significant associations with the structural and functional aspects of the human brain, as well as with the mind and body health. Many studies have reported regional/global brain volume increments due to exercising; however, a map which shows the overall extent of the influences of physical activity on brain structure is not available. In this study, (the authors) collected all the reports on brain structural alterations in association with physical activity in healthy humans, and next, a brain map of the extent of these effects is provided. The results of this study showed that a large network of brain areas, equal to 82% of the total grey matter volume, were associated with physical activity. This finding has important implications in utilizing physical activity as a mediator factor for educational purposes in children, rehabilitation applications in patients, improving the cognitive abilities of the human brain such as in learning or memory, and preventing age-related brain deteriorations.”


Batouli SAH and Saba V: At least eighty percent of brain grey matter is modifiable by physical activity: A review study. Behav. Brain Res. 332: 204-217 (2017).



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