Abstract “Internet technology offers psychiatrists new opportunities for remote interaction with patients. It also raises issues regarding therapeutic effectiveness, safety, technical problems and possibilities for overcoming them, and matters related to specific mental health problems such as autism. The case presented concerns an adolescent male with severe social impairment and isolation as manifestations of Asperger’s syndrome.

The patient … accepted contact with psychiatric services through telepsychiatry, which enabled initial assessment and the development of a therapeutic relationship.

In due course the patient was able to attend the clinic in person. He became somewhat reconciled to his family. With appropriate adaptations he was able to resume his education and career.

Telepsychiatry shows promise in engaging with patients with autism spectrum disorders. As experience accrues, there is some evidence that it is safe and effective. Adaptations to traditional clinical psychotherapy may be required.”

Clarke CS: Telepsychiatry in Asperger’s syndrome. Ir. J. Psychol. Med. 35(4): 325-328 (2018).


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